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Human Process and Development Group


   The Human Process and Development Group was founded in 1998 by Marc Leibson, M.Ed., LMFT.  This organization is dedicated to the social and the psychological health of all individuals, and “optimal development’ for all human beings.  

   At this time, HPDG offers Marriage and Family Therapy services and counseling - for the benefit of individuals, couples, families, and groups.  We also offer consulting services and public presentations about child development, discipline, parenting, education, optimizing relationships, and optimizing group dynamics.

   The Human Process and Development Group is envisioned to become an organization containing many complimentary services, from a variety of disciplines and practitioners.  We hope to grow so that we have counselors, consultants, therapists, body workers, etc., whose expertise will compliment the services we already offer.

   Human Process and Development Group is committed to expanding human awareness concerning the unity of life.  Each human being is dependent upon other human beings (and upon their actions).  And all human beings are dependent upon their larger environment.  Our actions and decisions affect ourselves, those we love, those who share the Earth with us (and whom we have not yet met), and all other forms of life on the planet. 

   The processes of any individual human being are reiterated throughout the world, and throughout the known universe.   One instance of this is, the process of expansion and contraction (which is just one example of movement back and forth, between two opposite points).

   Expansion and contraction is basic and vital to our physical organism. This process is synonymous with the work of our smooth muscles.  They allow food to enter and be expelled through our bodies. It is also intimately connected with the beating of our hearts, and the breathing of our lungs.   The natural act of human procreation would be impossible without this process.

   Expansion and contraction describes the ebb and flow of animal populations, as hunters outnumber prey, and then prey outnumbers hunters, and so on.  This same process describes the movement of tides across the face of the Earth, as they follow the patterns of the moon.  Expansion and contraction is also the basis of all tone, and therefore of all music.  For tone to be created, waves of compressed air move through the air, like ripples moving across a lake. The most current theories about the universe suggest that the “big bang” initiates a universal, stellar expansion which eventually collapses back into itself, creating yet another “big bang,” and so on infinitely (like a “tone” ringing on a tremendous scale).  It is fascinating to realize that in some ancient cultures, music or tone is considered the “primordial,” creative gesture of the universe.

   Human beings have their own process, and these processes are not independent of Earth processes.  As yet, no human being has been able to spend extended time in space without getting sick - even though they have all the identified essentials which seemingly should be required to sustain human life.

   At Human Process and Development, we understand that development is always the result of processes.  We also understand that when natural processes are interfered with, development will be affected.  One example of this is when a child does not have all of his/her psychological needs met, then that child will develop differently then they would otherwise.   In physics, mathematics, and natural sciences it is well known that a small disturbance near the beginning of a process can radically influence the outcome of the process.

   The human being is unique.   We are a “process” that can take responsibility for our own processes.  We can bring awareness to our own development, and we can teach ourselves how to cultivate new behaviors, and new ways of thinking and perceiving.  Through this, we can influence our own development.  We are a “process” that through awareness and effort can radically affect our own outcomes.  We have the ability to largely overcome most “disturbances’ which we encounter on our journey through life.

   Taking responsibility for our own “process,” our own journey, and our outcomes (including behaviors), is not typically easy to accomplish.   For most of us, it requires the guidance of a mentor, or a trained professional.  However, such work leads to much greater personal satisfaction in life, and an increased experience of safety, competence, and contentment.


             When we choose to consciously and actively participate in our own processes, we become travelers on the road towards “self-mastery.”     Such travelers are deeply aware of meaning in the universe, and that is truly comforting.