Who is This Couple?

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    How are you doing……..together?



    Finding out your strengths and “challenges” as a couple can be.....  a lot of fun!

    The Life Innovations, Inc. - PREPARE/ENRICH program is a fun way for couples to find out their strengths together, and it helps them to strengthen their “couple skills.



    Ask yourselves…….

    As a couple:

  • What are our “couple strengths?”
  • What are our challenges?
  • How do we resolve conflict?
  • How well do we create “win/win” solutions to our problems?
  • Where do we both see “eye to eye?”
  • How well do we handle our leisure time together?
  • How does each partner experience being in this relationship?
  • Do our “roles” in the relationship work well for   both partners?
  • Are both partners feeling connected, appreciated, and fulfilled?
  • How do children, family, or friends affect our relationship?
  • In what areas could we learn how to work together with more satisfaction and joy?
  • How do the families in which we grew up affect our ways of being together?”
  • What specific skills do we need to joyfully sustain a long, and rewarding union?



    The PREPARE/ENRICH program is an enjoyable way for couples to learn about themselves and about their own couple dynamics.  It also provides essential tools for partners - so that they can grow together, and achieve the greatest joy and satisfaction in their relationship.



         The PREPARE/ENRICH program is based on over twenty years of highly respected research and scholarship by David Olson, Ph.D. and his team.  Both traditional couples and alternative couples benefit from participation in the P/E program. This is how the program works....  each partner fills out a 165 question survey about their own experiences and perceptions of being in the couple (this takes about 45 minutes to complete). Questions will cover such topics as: communication, conflict resolution, personality differences, financial management, children and parenting, sexuality, and more. 

         After the couple completes the survey, the certified P/E counselor then mails it in to Life Innovations, Inc. Their computers compile the results. (The completed surveys are sent to Life Innovations anonymously.  No one except the couple’s counselor knows the names of the partners involved.) The P/E computer identifies “couple strengths” - those areas where both partners believe that things are going well for them. It also identifies challenges for the couple.  Some challenges for the couple include areas where both partners agree that things could go much better.  Some challenges are areas where one partner experiences that things are going well, but the other partner experiences that things are not going so well.  Over  6, one hour meetings (or more if the couple wishes) the counselor helps the couple to understand the results of their surveys, and helps them to build skills, so they can strengthen all areas of their relationship.



    Through the couple’s work with a certified P/E counselor, the PREPARE/ENRICH program helps a couple to understand their strengths and challenges, and it also provides them with new skills, so that they can......                                                  turn challenges into strengths!



    There are now 5 different versions of the PREPARE/ENRICH program.  Each P/E version has been rigorously and scientifically created to best meet the needs of a particular couple situation.


    PREPARE         is designed for couples who are considering                                              marriage, are not living together, and who have                                         no children.


    PREPARE CC   is designed for couples who are not married,                                             but who are living together (with or without                                                   children).


    PREPARE MC   is for unmarried couples who are thinking                                                   about getting married, are not living together,                                             and who already do have children.


    ENRICH                   is for married couples who would like to                                                       deepen their relationship (and for couples                                                  who are not married, but have lived together                                              for some time)


    MATE                       is designed for older couples (age 50+) who                                              are planning to marry, or face later life issues                                              (retirement, relocations, etc.)



    Marc Leibson, M.Ed., LMFT is a certified, PREPARE/ENRICH counselor (and also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist).  Marc is pleased to offer the P/E program for couples who want to have fun while strengthening their relationship, and while they build essential relationship skills. His additional training as a state licensed MFT, gives him additional experience, skills, and insights into how couples work.  The advantage of participating in the P/E program with an LMFT, like Marc, is that it deepens and enhances a couple’s P/E experience, and also their results.



    PREPARE/ENRICH makes a wonderful, and deeply meaningful wedding gift!

    Help get your favorite couple off to the best possible start!  Special, beautiful certificates are available which you may purchase for your favorite couple. These can be redeemed for one of the packages below….



Special Pricing!

     Because the PREPARE/ENRICH program is sold as a package, and because Marc Leibson supports the building of strong couples, he is able to offer a “package discount” for P/E couples.


    Package #1$375 - (a $105 savings over regular fees)

    6 PREPARE/ENRICH meetings, with a licensed,  certified, professional counselor;                                                         (includes the cost of mailing and compiling results)



    Package #2$625   - (a $155 savings over regular fees)

    10 PREPARE/ENRICH meetings, with a                           licensed, certified, professional counselor;                               (includes the cost of mailing and compiling results)




         For more information about the PREPARE/ENRICH program, or to arrange a no-cost, first time consultation, feel free to contact Marc Leibson, M.Ed., LMFT at his office at (502) 479-1500, or you may email him at:


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