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Need a speaker for your group?


     Marc Leibson, M.Ed., LMFT will come and speak for   your group or organization.

       Marc very much enjoys speaking for groups, and he has done this        for informal adult gatherings and also for college courses.  At college   level, Marc has taught: child development, discipline, and early childhood education.   Marcís presentation are considered both entertaining and inspiring, and he is considered a knowledgable speaker.

       Below is a list of topics which Marc enjoys speaking about.  He also enjoys speaking on topics custom designed for individual groups.


Topics for Public Speaking


  • Parenting for the 21st Century


  • Optimal Parenting


  • Discipline and Respect - Is This Stuff Really Possible?


  • Parenting Young Children NowÖ                                                                        to Prevent Wild Teens Later


  • Transforming Violence and ďBulliesĒ


  • Why Are Children So Difficult? - Better Options?


  • Working Families - No Time to Breathe


  • Whatís All This Stuff About Brain Development?


  • Parenting as a Spiritual Path


  • Making Shared-Custody Work


  • Relationship Wisdom


  • Adult Relationships - They Shape Childrenís Lives


  • The Power of Two - Relationship Success is Possible


  • Adult Children and Older Parents - Itís Never Too Late!



Topics can be customized to meet the needs of your group.



   Marc Leibsonís fee for a one hour presentation is $125.00, however special accomodations may be made for non-profit groups.

   If you would like to speak with Marc about a presentation for your group or organization, you may reach him at Human Process and Development Group:

(502) 479-1500