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This Website is still under construction.  Much more will be added to it over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your patience as we complete the site.

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The website is designed to:


First: help you understand how therapy can work for you, how it happens, and what you might expect along the way.  Also, if you are curious about such work, we want to help you to locate a competent, professional therapist in your area, to help you towards your own goals.

Second: introduce you in general to Family Therapy services, and especially to: the Human Process and Development Group, a Family Therapy office in Louisville, Kentucky.

Third: introduce you to helpful organizations and services in the Louisville and the greater Kentucky areas. You may find most of these on the “Local Resources” page.


Please enjoy this website. Feel free to submit questions or suggestions to the “web-master,” Marc Leibson. You can email your comments to:   Due to email volume, not all questions can be responded to directly, but a sample of them will be listed, along with responses, on our Q & A web page on this site

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