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Individual Work

People choose to work with counselors for help with:

    1) challenging situations

    2) unwanted or unhelpful behaviors

    3) bothersome or distracting thoughts

    4) troubled feelings

    5) becoming their own best self.

    6) a vague or intense sense that something is not right


Wouldn't it be great if we could simply change the world around us - to our liking?

       Then we could always experience, joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment; and we'd never have to experience fear, anger, frustration, sadness, rejection, self-doubt, or shame. Sometimes, we are able to change the world to better meet our needs, and that's just great - when it happens.

       For most human beings the greatest power we have in the world is how we deal with it; how we perceive it, feel about it, respond to it, and also how we think about it.   It's hard for most of us to believe, but it's far easier to change ourselves than to change the world.  Oddly enough, that's not the path that most of us take when we search for solutions.   We usually hope the world will change first.  That definitely would be the most convenient!


       It's incredible to realize that our behaviors, thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions, and even the physical health our bodies - each one influences all the other aspects of ourself.  How these occur in us also influences how the world responds to us. 

       It's true - the way we think, feel, and react will influence and affect our relationships - with our family, with friends, and even at work.  Our relationships then affect how we feel about ourselves, and our place in the world.

       All of this leads us to places in our lives where we feel:

    stuck, frustrated, angry, disconnected, unmotivated, sad, hurt, depressed, fragile, fearful, lost, broken, ashamed, unworthy, or just plain different than everybody else.

These feelings are very natural to human beings.  

   However, while we all have such feelings at one time or another, it is not good for our health if we continue to have such feelings for long periods of our life.   Living with such feelings for long stretches of time often will have a important and negative impact on our lives. They can also have a similar negative impact on the lives of the people we love.  Such feelings often keep us from operating at our fullest potential - and they may even make us harder to love.

   Where and how counseling begins for you needs fit with your own, unique make-up and your own experiences. You may prefer to begin through focusing on your current situation, your thoughts, your behaviors, your feelings, your history, or your physical health.   Good counselors will tailor counseling to meet you where you are.   They will see you as a unique individual, and work with your own needs and experiences.

In counseling and therapy, one size definitely does not fit all.

   If you'd like to see what counseling is really like, you may arrange a     low-cost, first time consultation with Marc Leibson, M.Ed., LMFT at the Human Process and Development Group.   There is no obligation to continue beyond your initial consult.

To set up an appointment, call Marc at:

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