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     That is not a very comfortable place to be.


   By the time folks get around to seeking counseling, they usually feel they have exhausted all other options.  For most folks, itís not an easy decision to ask for professional help.   More often than not, itís a feeling of ďlast resortĒ that brings people to a counselor.                 Although, that doesnít have to be the case.

   Some people choose to be proactive - that means they seek professional help before things get too ďhotĒ and too intense. Itís pretty wise, really.  Itís like seeing a doctor for a physical, even when you are not sick. Itís an excellent way of maintaining your own mental health, and therefore being more content with your life. Also, itís much easier to take care of problems before they grow to become PROBLEMS!


   Iíve tried EVERYTHING!


   Thatís what most folks say at the beginning of counseling.  The good news is...   itís never true.

   The truth is that most folks have sincerely tried everything...  that is ... everything that they (or their friends) can think of.  The ďgood newsĒ is that people almost never really think of everything. 

   Why is that fortunate?   Itís fortunate because it means that there are still other ideas which they simply havenít thought of yet - new ideas which can help them to move towards their own goals, or to move towards more comfortable places in their own lives.

   Thatís where a professional counselor or therapist can be a great help. Professional counselors and therapists are trained to see new possibilities where others do not. They are also trained to help folks to use their own creativity in a NEW way, so that they can find their own new solutions - which they havenít yet considered.

               Itís easy to abandon hope...                                     but, itís not very helpful.

     Remember, not all counselors have the same point of view.   Each one sees life differently. Each one approaches her or his work a little differently. When you find a counselor who is not helpful to you (after a fair period of time), then you may need another perspective, and a fresh approach.  There is no single counselor who can help you to see all the possibilities... because all the possibilities are simply too large for any one individual to see - even for a truly wise person.

   Even though you may feel like you have tried everything...

    You have never exhausted all of your possibilities.


    When you make yourself willing to explore new strategies...

    there is good reason to hope.