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This Website is still under construction.  Much more will be added to it over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your patience as we complete the site.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Marc Leibson at:

(502) 479-1500

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Need help immediately?


Below are some telephone numbers that offer help.


911 - if danger is present (for you or someone else)

(Emergency Response Team)


(502) 589-4313 - to speak with a counselor right now

(Crisis and Information Hotline)


(502) 595-4593 - if you know a child is being harmed, or has been harmed

(Child Protective Services)


(502) 595-4803 - if you know an adult is being harmed (Adult Protective Services)


(502) 581-7200 - if you are a woman trying to leave an abusive relationship

(Center for Women and Families)


The above services have been designed to help people around the clock. These folks are paid to do their jobs (or they volunteer) in order to help people like YOU!  If you need their services, they really do want you to call!


Marc Leibson, at the Human Process and Development Group will be happy to schedule a regular appointment with you to discuss any of your concerns.  Unfortunately, we are without the resources to act as a 24 hour crisis line.  We do not have the staff to offer immediate care help. Our hours of operation are posted on the “Location” page of this website.

Good luck, and God’s blessings be with you.


Things will improve for you - if you try a different strategy, and get the help you need.

For additional, helpful resources, see the “Local Resources” page on this website.