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Guarantee of work:


     It would be ideal of counselors and therapists could guarantee their work!  Unfortunately, it‘s simply not possible.  Here’s why….

     We know through research that there are more connections between the cells in every single human brain, then there are stars in the entire, known universe.  So far as we can prove scientifically, the human being is the most complex organism in our cosmos. 

     People have many facets.  Unlike automobiles, people have intentions and motivations which drive them. Some of these we may be aware of, and some of them lie in shadow (below our everyday awareness).  Client’s often have unknown reasons for behaving in ways that no longer benefit them, or which may even be harmful to themselves (or others).  A car has no interest in it’s own performance and state of repair.   However, a human being always has a good reason for his or her behaviors. Unfortunately, the reasons are not always known or clear to us.

     For counseling or therapy to be completely successful requires that both  the client and the counselor help to bring about changes in both the client’s daily awareness, and in the client’s subconscious world, too.

     For therapy to be completely successful depends upon the skill and compassion of the therapist, AND upon both the physical health and willingness of the client to experiment with new ways of being in, thinking about, and reacting to the world.

     Successful counseling and therapy is the result of a successful partnership - between the counselor and the client. 

     It’s only natural that this relationship is not fully developed from the beginning of the work.   It has to be built over time. A good partnership requires trust, and that is not something which any client should automatically give to any counselor.  Trust is something which must be earned, even by a counselor.

     What a good counselor can guarantee to you is that he or she will act in a professional and respectful manner, with your best interest, and your goals in mind.  A good therapist should also be able to guarantee to you that they will be patient, while you find your own path into your work.  A good therapist will guarantee to be a good partner with you, by adjusting the work to best accommodate your own individual needs.  A good therapist will guarantee to refer you to a different competent professional, if they believe that they are no longer being a successful partner for you. Finally, A good therapist will guarantee you that your work will remain completely confidential (to the fullest extent of the law).

     A good therapist can guarantee the therapeutic process, but not the outcome of the work, because the work is mostly done by the client.  The work is done with the guidance, support, wisdom, and caring of the professional, licensed therapist.