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Dollars Are Not All Alike!


         Working with a counselor is often a real financial investment.  However, when you find that counselor who helps you towards a more fulfilling and rewarding life, then such a financial investment might be one of the greatest bargains you will ever purchase.

         No two counselors or therapists ever work in quite the same way.  It's common that among counselors and therapists there are extremely different approaches.  There is also a great deal of difference in the type of training between counselors. You will also find that counselors will vary in their wisdom and experience.

         It is most important to find the counselor or therapist who will best help you to clarify and to achieve your own goals.  When you find a skilled and resourceful counselor, with whom you feel comfortable, you will most likely make faster progress towards your goals.

         A good counselor or therapist can help you attain your goals more quickly, and will end up costing you less money in the long run.  A counselor or therapist who is less effective may cost less money from month to month, but in the end they may end up costing you more: - more money, more time, and more wear and tear on yourself.

       When you compare counselors or therapists, it helps to look at more than just how much money they charge per hour.  It's helpful for you to consider the counselor's credentials, their training, their experience (clinical experience and life experience), and just as importantly - you need to get a sense of whether or not the counselor feels comfortable to you.  Look for a counselor who you feel comfortable with - who feels to you like a competent, skilled professional - and who is someone that you feel you could come to trust, over time. 

       A counselor who you feel comfortable with, and who you feel you can trust, will be more likely to help you achieve your goals more quickly (and that means less money spent - all together).



         At Human Process and Development Group, we are dedicated to helping you find a counselor who feels to you like a good fit. That's why we offer a no-cost, initial consultation.  At no cost to you, we invite you to come in and  get a sense of who we, how we think, and how we work.  You can't beat that!   If you find that you are still interested in working with a counselor, but feel like you would be able to make a better fit somewhere else, we are happy to provide you with recommendations and referrals to other professionals in the greater, Louisville area (once again, there is no charge for this service).


         At Human Process and Development Group, we prefer to keep things in house, which helps to keep your confidentiality protected. Because of our policy of making special fee arrangements for people who have legitimate, financial need, we can often see client's for only slightly more than the co-payment that an insurance company would require.

         Also Note:  EMDR work often fits more comfortably into 80 minute sessions.  However, clients are free to schedule sessions according to what best suits their own needs. Group sessions are $30.00 for 90 minutes. My fee for participation in the Empowering Capable People workshops is $35.00 per session.



         If you'd like to arrange a low-cost, initial consultation, you may call Marc Leibson, M.Ed., LMFT at the Human Process and Development Group to arrange an appointment. You may reach Marc at:

          (502) 479-1500


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